Draw it all! – One point perspective for beginners in animation.

Welcome to the second tutorial on learn to draw with me, Mitali P.

This tutorial will mostly cover the basics in one point perspective


What is perspective, actually?

Ehm, ehm.. ”the theory or art of suggesting three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface, in order to recreate the appearance and spatial relationships that objects or a scene in recession present to the eye


the appearance of objects, buildings, etc., relative to each other, as determined by their distance from the viewer, or the effects of this distance on their appearance”

There are three kinds that will help you put magic into your scene…

One point perspective

Two point perspective  and

Three point perspective.

blah, blah, blah everyone knows the things that are far from the eye appear smaller.. so when we copy this into a 2d paper.. it re creates a feeling of depth to the scene.
You may find hundreds and thousands of books on perspective all ready to confuse your already confused mind..
I was too, but the thing is perspective is really easy to understand, just shed all your fear that comes with it…

You’ll need:

A paper sheet

A good pencil

Eraser [obviously]

ruler [I strongly recommend scribbling so that you don’t have to use the ruler to rule out everything]

So we begin with the horizon..

The horizon is nothing but the line that we see where the earth/sea meets the sky.. even if it is not visible in your drawings.. there is a horizon line… you can draw it up or low as you want

Tip: place the ruler’s edge perpendicular to the papers’ edge to get a straight line

Make a vanishing point…
This the the point where your buildings, rails, roads seem to converge into one single point on the horizon.

Draw the size accordingly of the part of the block facing you, the height and the width,

Connect an imaginary line called as orthogonal to the vanishing point and the sides of the block  there’ll be four in total but three visible in this case.. Draw horizontal lines where you want your block to end [parallel to the horizon]
and vertical line where you want the side of the block to end [perpendicular to the horizon]


Now you’re pretty much done there! just erase the orathgonals and Bingo! you have a 3d real looking block which you can convert into anything

Just be sure to use a single point for all the objects


1. Draw the orthogonal lightly so that you can erase them easily.

2. Google the word ”One point perspective” and find out more techniques and images, try to draw the scene on your paper… try to figure out the vanishing point in the given scene

3. Add details to your drawings, like windows, sills, telephone poles and people..  just follow the orthogonal to decide the height or width of the object/person/creature.

Here are some random examples from the net that can help you to get started

That’s it for today, meet you in the next tutorial, which is two point perspective.

Enjoy making your own worlds!

Please feel free to add any comments and critiques.. this is a way of showing that it has helped you in some way…

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